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              I D:  
                Founded in 1997, Zhenjiang Saki Electronic Technologies Co., Ltd. specializes in developing,
              manufacturing and selling different kinds of infrared,universal,jumbo, OEM and other home appliance remote controllers.
                  Saki's products are widely used and can be customized and marketed.
              With several years' hard work, Saki gradually becomes strong in designing, engineering, production and quality control. Saki has passed ISO9000, ISO14000 etc quality certifications. Additionally, most goods from Saki conform to EU RoHS standard...
                Lamp Socket
              Universal Remote Control
              Universal&OEM Remote Contol
              Super-thin&OEM Remote Control
              Open Remote Control
              OEM Remote Control
              Super-thin Remote Control
              Technology of manufacturing anion generator
              Led lamp
                Company Ami:
              Honest based and Quality first
              Company Spirit:
              Practical spirit on duty development
              Scientifically Creative spirit in pursuing new things
              Devotion sprit bg serving others and sacrificing self
              Company culture:
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